Sarah Sanders Totally Humiliates Acosta: “You’d Probably Get Really Upset” But…

by Donald 0


CNN’s Jim Acosta is getting the reputation of being a huge drama queen. He makes huge fits every time he’s not called on, and twists and exaggerates every word President Trump says. It seems like Sarah Sanders has experienced this so much, that now she’s in on the joke. She completely humiliated him during a recent press conference.

“Sarah–if I could just ask a second follow-up question…” asked Acosta after already asking one question. “Well because it’s Friday,” responded Sanders. “It’s Friday, yeah,” said Acosta. “And you’d probably get really upset, not only that, if I didn’t,” said Sanders. Ha!

“Not at all, not at all. You’ve probably seen this tweet it was a tweet that you posted before the election in 2016–‘When you’re attacking FBI agents because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing.’ What do you make of that now?” asked Acosta.

“The rank and file FBI are some of the greatest people in this country. We’ve repeated that time and time again, and certainly have the full support of this administration. I think that we’ve been very clear though how we feel about some of the leadership at the FBI, particularly James Comey,” responded Sanders.

Acosta attempted a third question “When you go after Comey-” started Acosta. “I did give you two, Jim,” responded Sanders.