See What Ridiculous Thing Al Sharpton Is Doing Because ESPN Suspended Jemele Hill

by Donald 0

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill has caused a lot of problems. She first made headlines for calling President Trump a ‘white supremacist’ and accused his supporters of endorsing white supremacy. ESPN did not punish her for this. A couple of months later she urged the Cowboys to boycott, and finally ESPN did something about it.

Jemele Hill has been suspended for two weeks. Famous race-baiter Al Sharpton has arrived to argue that it should never be okay to punish a black person for something they said.

“First of all, Jemele Hill and anyone else has the right to express their views,” said Sharpton, who would argue that you are a racist who needs to shut up if you disagree with him.

“To try and silence her will not silence many of us that feel what Jerry Jones has done is put the Cowboys players in a position of either I must sell my right to express my feelings, my freedom of speech, my right to protest in order to do my trade and do my business. That is, in my opinion, disrespecting what the flag is supposed to stand for,” said Sharpton.

“We will not be shut down and we will not be suspended and we will not stand for her to be suspended,” he added. Check out the video below.