Shannon Sharpe Argues That The Constitution Only Applies To ‘White Men’, He Gets Crushed

by Donald 0

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Fox Sports 1 discussed the deplorable New Yorker cover with Colin Kaepernick kneeling next to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Shannon Sharpe took aim at our founding fathers, claiming that they only wrote the Constitution with white men in mind.

“All I want is fair and equal. The Constitution said it was going to be fair and equal. Now, I know when you wrote that you weren’t writing it for me but you say, ‘But the Constitution says…’” said Sharpe. “It doesn’t say white men. It says all men,” interrupted Rob Parker.

“They put that in there, but there were no blacks at the table. There were no women at the table. So, in actuality, they meant all men — all white men,” claimed Sharpe.

Martin Luther King’s Niece Alveda also commented on the album cover. According to Alveda, when her father and yncle took a knee it was “in prayer, as a repentance for their sins [and] the sins of their nation.”

She said Kaepernick has “the method down pat, but he’s not getting the message.” She claimed that Kaepernick should be asking God to heal differences in America, instead of as a confrontational act. “Uncle M.L. said we need to live together as brothers… or perish together as fools. We want justice for everyone,” she said.