Shep Smith Just Got Ripped Apart For Insane Claim He Made On TV About Hillary

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has gotten herself in deep trouble over the fact that in 2010, while serving as President Obama’s Secretary of State, she faciliated the sale of the Uranium One mining company to Russia’s nuclear agency.

In yet another example of how Fox News’ Shepard Smith is cleraly auditioning for a job at CNN or MSNBC, he went on a long rant on his show about how supposedly these allegations made by President Donald Trump and other conservatives are all lies.

Said Smith, referencing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, “We don’t know definitively whether Secretary Clinton participated at all directly. The then-Secretary of State, I should say Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernando represented State on CFIUS. He says she did not, reporting that the secretary never intervened.”

He went on, “Further neither Secretary Clinton nor the committee as a whole could stop any deal of this kind. The committee members evaluate the sale of anything potentially related to national security. By law, if one member objects, the president and only the president can veto such a transaction. No committee member of the nine objected.” Stated Shep flatly, “The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale. She did not. That is your Uranium One.”

Shep’s rant did not go over well with his viewers. Posted one Twitter user, “I normally don’t tune into Shep’s hour on FOX, can’t stand his bias, but today while surfing channels he caught my interest…in 3 mts he argued Hillary’s defense, how she had nothing to do with Uranium One and how Trump had lied about it. HE HAS TO GO!!!” Added another, “You need to get that hack @ShepNewsTeam out of Fox. He just made excuses for  and is clearly a double agent. Hey Shep.. Hillary took the 145M regardless of when it was sent. Pay for play you goof” Do you think Democrat-enabling Shep needs to get fired for this? Watch below: