SHOCKING Photos Released Reveal Disturbing Information About Obama’s Past, This Will Disgust You [PHOTOS]

by Richard Smith 0


Some Liberals have made the claim that Melania Trump is not classy enough to take on the role as first lady. However, we all know that to be nothing more than liberal fake news spreading their ignorance.

In fact, recently, writer, director Joel Gilbert exposed the hidden past of Barack Obama and his communist ties to his real father, Frank Marshall Davis in a film.

Now, nude photos of Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, have surfaced. Apparently, Obama was brought up by a father with communist ties and a mother who a was stripper, and porn star!

Here are the photos:

obama mother nude


This is Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, Barack Obama ‘s MOTHER! She had the poses down pat. Fine lady, let me tell you. And the liberals had an opinion about Melania Trump’s modeling past. Granted, Ann Soetoro was never First Lady, but still can you imagine how viral these pictures would be within the mainstream media if this had been John McCain ‘s mother, or Sarah Palin ‘s mother? Or God-forbid Trump’s mother? But you won’t ever see these pictures anywhere in a regular media outlet.

Here is a family photo proving who she was.


Bottomline, everyone who talked about Melania’s pictures are just jealous. She is absolutely beautiful. How hypocritical are those Democrats? Is this not the most classless thing you have ever seen? Don’t you love how the hypocrites are crickets now?

Here is Joel Gilbert’s full video: