“Soulless, Amoral, Abusive, Con-Artist, Son Of A B*tch!” Robert De Niro Loses It Over Trump In Inappropriate Place

by Donald 0

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Actor Robert De Niro completely lost his mind while giving a speech to students at an award ceremony for the Rosemary Breslin American Writer Award in New York. He screamed profanity at the students.

“So what about the truth? What does the truth even mean today? I mean, if you’re Donald Trump it doesn’t mean anything. If you’re cowardly Republican enablers in Congress you don’t let the truth stand in the way of pathetically clinging to power. Our country is led by a president who believes he can make up his own truth. And we have a word for that — bullsh*t,” yelled De Niro.

“For example, you might say, as have many professionals, that Trump manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of discharging duties of the President of the United States. That he’s afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder,” said De Niro.

“That he’s a congenital liar. A mean-spirited, soulless, amoral, abusive con-artist son of a b*tch. F*ck Donald Trump. And I say this, cause I am not political, but I am now. You guys are the future,” he said to the students.

“We’re in a dangerous situation… you know with Hitler, with other despots, people didn’t take them seriously, they laughed at them. And then what happened, they turned around and it was too late. We can’t let that happen in this country and you guys are the ones to do it,” said De Niro to the students. He’s apparently been watching way too much CNN.