Ted Nugent Announces Huge Change He’s Making Because Of The GOP Shooter

by Donald 0

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The dangerous Virginia shooting of GOP congressmen has made a lot of people stop and think about how toxic and violent political discourse has been. Even though this is liberal violence against conservatives, liberals have tried numerous times to turn it around and blame President Trump and Republicans. After the shooting, Trump supporter and rock star Ted Nugent announced that he would tone down his political rhetoric.

He discussed a comment he once made saying that Obama should ‘suck on his machine gun’. “Let me make it perfectly clear, I have never projected hate. When I said that about sucking on my machine gun, that was a direct response to the liberal Democrats — Obama and Clinton, et al — trying to ban certain types of firearms, violating their oath to the Constitution and the Second Amendment,” said Nugent.

“That was a metaphor and nobody is too stupid not to know that. The left is so dishonest that they misrepresented that, and make it perfectly clear with my Fox & Friends, I have never threatened anybody. I have never hinted at violence,” said Nugent.

“In these heightened, excited times, politically, I am reaching out across the aisle and I’m saying we must unite to bring no violence, no harm to any of our fellow Americans. I have always been civil,” said Nugent.

“[Liberals are] still going to burn down buildings if they disagree with your speech, and turn over cars and attack people if they don’t agree with you,” said Nugent. Check out the video below.