“Tell Maxine Waters That Her Dream Has Just Died” Tucker Ruins Waters Day With Breaking News

by Donald 1


Tucker Carlson just demolished Maxine Waters with news that was just released. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was hired as a special counsel to investigate the Trump campaign. While this might seem like good news for Democrats, Tucker Carlson revealed the upside for Republicans.

“There is at least one upside, though — maybe Democrats will finally stop posturing, if only for a second. They called for an independent investigation and they got one courtesy of an administration they repeated accused of being fascist,” said Carlson.

“For the record, by the way, Mussolini never would have appointed a special counsel. So what is their play now going forward?” said Carlson.

“Trump really can’t be impeached at this stage. How could the president go on trial in Congress before the investigation is even complete?. Someone better tell Maxine Waters that her dream has just died,” said Carlson.

“[U]nless of course, and this could happen, that Robert Mueller is himself part of the conspiracy. Another agent of the Kremlin working at the highest levels of our government to undermine democracy from within. Could it be that Vladimir Putin controls every single involved in this — from the investigator to the investigated. Is the conspiracy that deep? Now if that question seems insane to you, you have not been paying attention to the other news channel or Congress lately,” said Carlson. Check out the video below.