This Is Justice, CNN Is Being Hit With A $50 Million Class Action Lawsuit For Racism

by Donald 0


CNN is notorious for calling everyone they disagree with a racist. They like to label conservatives in all sorts of horrible ways, and they often promoted Hillary Clinton who called Trump supporters a ‘basket of deplorables’. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine in a class action lawsuit against them for racism.

The lawsuit claims that at CNN there are “dramatic’ differences in pay, harsher evaluations for black males and fewer available promotions.”

DeWayne Walker is suing CNN for $50, million dollars for promoting white people over him for 13 years. During the investigation a new lawsuit opened up.

“As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination,” Walkers lawyer said.

Another reporter, Henley who is also apart of the lawsuit claims that she works longer hours than her co-workers and she is discriminated against. “Upon information and belief, African-American employees have had to endure racial slurs and prejudicial biases from superiors such as, ‘it’s hard to manage black people’ and ‘who would be worth more: black slaves from times past or new slaves,'” says the lawsuit.