This Kid Tries To Assassinate Trump At A Rally, Makes THIS Stupid Mistake

by Donald 465


Liberals really hate Donald Trump. They act extremely violent towards Trump supporters, and try to ban him anywhere they can. And now, there was an attempted assassination attempt from an angry liberal kid. It’s a good thing he is a complete idiot.

At a Trump rally in Vegas, Micheal Steven Stanford a 19-year-old British teenager went to a Trump rally without a gun. He instead grabbed a police officers gun, but was unsuccessful. He had apparently gone to a Vegas Battlefield gun range the day before to learn how to use a gun.

He approached Donald Trump saying that he wanted an autograph when he grabbed an officer’s gun and was immediately stopped and arrested. He was taken in by Special Agent Swierkowski. Assassination attempts are no laughing matter. But luckily for us conservatives, angry murderous liberals do not know how to use a gun.