Tom Hanks, Seinfeld, DiCaprio And More Have Pathetic Public Meltdown Over Obama Leaving, It’s Hilarious

by Donald 0


Despite this election proving otherwise, Hollywood celebrities still seem to think that the public cares about their political opinions. They created another pro-Obama video to ‘celebrate’ Obama’s ‘achievements’ now that he is leaving office. The video is called “Yes We Can: Your Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency”.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson said that Obamacare is the most memorable moment of Trump’s because I have relatives that can’t afford health insurance, so it was really a great thing to know that if something happened to them, they could get cared for.” Apparently he isn’t willing to take care of his family himself, it has to be up to the government.

“When I was at the UN and I heard our president say that climate change is the most important issue facing, not only this generation but also future generations, it was inspiring,” said Leonardo DiCaprio.

A “When he just changed all the rules on the table in regards to Cuba with the most succinct motivation imaginable, which is ‘What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked’ — which made all the sense in the world,” said Tom Hanks.

“Just the magic of that moment of that man, who we’ve all been on this journey with, take that stage with his family. I was sitting at home in my living room and I felt like I was a part of that crowd in that park,” said ABC producer Shonda Rhimes about Obama’s 2008 victory speech. They are so stuck in their little bubble. Will they be crushed when Obama gets kicked out?