Tomi Lahren Joins Blue Lives Matter Spokesman In Massive Stand Against Chicago Torturers

by Donald 0


Rising 24-year-old conservative superstar Tomi Lahren has been furious over the brutal kidnapping and torture case in Chicago. Four 18-year-old thugs kidnapped a special needs man who they thought was a Trump supporter, they beat him, made him drink toilet water, made him kiss the floor, shoved socks into his mouth, and cut his scalp until it bled all while shouting “f**k Trump!” and “f**k white people!”

After all of this, CNN, the rest of the media and even the Chicago police chief have been going easy on the thugs. They are finding ways to justify their actions and more, all because the thugs hate Trump just like they do. However, the four have been charged with a hate crime.

Tomi Lahren had Lt. Randy Sutton, the spokesman of the group Blue Lives Matter on her show. Blue Lives Matter is a police friendly group that was created in response to the anger and hatred that Black Lives Matter has towards innocent police officers.

“There was no doubt that politics played a role in this. There’s no doubt in my mind that they were getting their marching orders from their mayor, and they were trying to minimize it. But finally, it came out today that they are charging them with a hate crime,” he said.

“I guarantee you we will not hear anything from the Hollywood celebrities who are spending millions of dollars on anti-Trump videos right now and putting them on television — you won’t see any of them come out and condemn this horrible, racist attack,” he pointed out. You can watch the video here.