Traitor Paul Ryan Just Got Hit With Brutal Career News, Trump Got The Last Laugh [Details]

by Chris Reynolds 0

Trump Ryan poll

These are truly pathetic times for the Democratic party. After the 2016 election, they no longer control the White House and are now the minority party in the House and the Senate, control far fewer state governorships than the Republicans, and are the minority party in most state legislatures.

You would think this would mean that the tracks would be greased for President Donald Trump to enact his visionary agenda items to restore America. Unfortunately, there are a number of bitter, jealous “Never Trump” Republicans who are standing in Trump’s way, and none worse than House Speaker Paul Ryan. Fortunately for Trump, Ryan just got smacked down with some painful news.

Liberal biased media mainstream media outlet CBS, which tries to do everything it can to sway news away from Trump’s favor, was forced to admit some very embarrassing results when it recently conducted an extensive survey of American voters.

In this survey, CBS found that registered Republicans, by an alarming margin, are more likely to trust President Trump over Paul Ryan. CBS split voters into Trump supporters (“believers”), those who are wishy-washy about Trump (“conditionals” and “curious”) and those who are anti-Trump (“resisters”).

Among believers, 75 percent of people said that they trust Trump as their source of political information, and just 2 percent of people said that they trust Ryan in that same way. Ouch! Do you also trust Trump far more than you trust Paul Ryan?