“Trap For Trump”, Laura Ingraham Exposes What Sneaky Paul Ryan Is Hiding In Healthcare Bill

by Chris Reynolds 13

Ingraham Ryan

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is not friend to President Donald Trump, as audio released by Breitbart News recently revealed. Paul Ryan is currently trying to pass an Obamacare replacement bill that many have criticized as being “Obamacare Lite” or “RINOCare.”

Laura Ingraham is not fooled by Paul Ryan, and she understands the full reality of how difficult it is crafting the right Obamacare replacement. She recently revealed the trap for Trump and Republicans that’s in Paul Ryan’s healthcare reform effort.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas appeared on Laura’s program, and said that Phase III of Ryan’s Bill is a “fantasy.” Ingraham concurred, saying, “It’s never going to happen because Republicans will lose this narrative on all these people losing healthcare.”

She added, “Make the Democrats defend the status quo, where healthcare prices go up, up, up every year because of the medical monopolies. That in my view is the better way to go. It forces the Democrats to defend an untenable system.”

Ingraham continued by stating that “state budgets are going to implode when this Medicaid expansion starts to retreat. I think Donald Trump is going to get caught on this in 2020. I think there’s a trap set for him on this. I’d like to spend an hour talking to him about it. I think this is a trap set for Trump, and it’s going to be bad.” Do you agree with Laura Ingraham?