Trashy Lib Megyn Kelly Just Got Worst News Of Her Career, She’s In Trouble At NBC [Details]

by Chris Reynolds 0

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Former Fox News reporter and The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly probably not feel at home at Fox and with its viewers any more, considering the fact that she clearly stopped being a conservative and refused to support the Republican party’s nominee Donald Trump.

Since Trump’s election victory, which clearly shocked liberals like Megyn, it was only a matter of time before Kelly left for a liberal network. It was no surprise, then, that she decided to move to NBC, but according to a recent report that move is about to backfire in a big way for both Megyn Kelly and NBC.

According to a new poll by consulting firm Morning Consult, 25 percent of Republican women and 29 percent of Republican women are less likely to tune into Megyn once she starts reporting on NBC.

At the same time, her favorability ratings lag behind those of NBC reporters Matt Lauer and Lester Holt. The takeaway behind this is that Megyn Kelly won’t appeal to Republicans who used to watch her on Fox News, or Democrats who ordinarily watch NBC. It looks clear that Megyn Kelly is going to be left without an audience at NBC.

There is certainly no love lost between Megyn and her former Fox News viewers. Said one commenter, “I’m glad you’re leaving Fox and you’re going over to your comrades and anchor with them and spew out your lies and your venom over there although I really wish that you would tell the truth and quit acting so arrogant and prideful.” Added another, “I couldn’t stand her on FOX NEWS and I NEVER watch NBC so there’s a 100% certainly and no chance in &^%$ that I’ll be watching her there!” Do you think NBC made a huge mistake in hiring Megyn Kelly?