Trump DESTROYS Hillary By Releasing “50 Facts About Hillary”, #21 Will Make You THROW UP

by Justin 722


Democrats like President Barack Hussein Obama don’t like facts. It’s a FACT that Radical Islam exists and it’s determined to destroy Christianity and our entire Western civilization and replace it with their own culture. It’s a FACT that Hillary Clinton has been accepting tens of millions (if not more) in bribe money for decades from shady foreigners. It’s a FACT that “gun control” will do nothing to stop terrorist attacks like the Orlando Pulse night club massacre, and in FACT will make our country even weaker in the face of these invaders.

Well, Democrats, too bad you guys don’t like facts. Because Donald Trump believes in the hard truth, and he just dumped 50 damning facts right on Hillary Clinton’s lying, deceitful head. On Sunday, he put out a document containing 50 facts about the presumptive Democratic nominee and all of her criminal acts against Americans. each fact has been thoroughly researched and is backed with credible news story references and statistics.

Here’s a sample: Fact #21 says “Clinton lied about a video causing the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.” This is the sort of story that Democrats bend over backwards trying to denounce and disprove, as though it was just some sort of fabricated smear to make Hillary look bad. Unfortunately for them, Trump has it fully backed up with reports from The Los Angeles Times, NBC News and other mainstream news sources, which all have on record that Hillary did indeed lie.

Thank you, Donald, for clearing the air! We really do only have one choice for President…and it surely isn’t that lying criminal Hillary. Now that is a FACT.