Trump’s Team Is Planning To Primary Challenge 5 RINO Senators

by Chris Reynolds 0

rino senators

It is a sad fact that there are still some Republican members of the Senate who, for whatever reason, still refuse to back President Donald Trump and support his ambitious agenda for the United States, despite being members of the same party.

President Trump has made entreaties to these RINO senators (as well as members of the House), but without much success. Now Trump and his associates have, according to a report in Politico, made plans to target five Republican Senators to target for primary challenges.

The group of Senators includes Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Dean Heller of Nevada, Luther Strange of Alabama, Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona. During a recent interview with CNN, Trump’s former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon implicated these RINO Senators in his statement that “the Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election.”

Also mentioning Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as well as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Bannon continued by saying, “They do not want Donald Trump’s populist, economic nationalist agenda to be implemented. It’s very obvious.”

Saying that these Republican politicians will not aid Trump “unless they’re put on notice,” Bannon promised that “they’re going to be held accountable if they do not support the President of the United States. Right now there’s no accountability. … They do not support the President’s program. It’s an open secret on Capitol Hill. Everybody in this city knows it.” Do you think these RINO Senators should be voted out?