Tucker Eviscerates Immigration Activist For Saying You Are A Racist If You Don’t Want To Pay For Illegals’ Welfare

by Donald 0

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson faced off against former Democratic Party Deputy National Press Secretary Jose Aristimuno who tried to defend giving illegal aliens welfare. He went on to accuse Americans who are against giving them welfare of being racist. Tucker Carlson crushed him for this.

“Federal law has long stipulated that immigrants cannot arrive in the United States and receive permanent residency if they become, quote, ‘public charges who depend upon welfare,’” said Carlson.

“Most immigrant families are on welfare. This is one of the things that advocates like you never admit when they’re lecturing so much more impressive than you are. Most are. If you break it down by country the last numbers I have from 2009, the federal numbers, but some countries like 70 percent of the immigrants are on welfare. So, why would you be in favor of that if you are an American citizen? Bringing people in and putting them right on benefits that is not the American dream that we hear about at all,” said Carlson.

Aristimuno responded by accusing Carlson of all kinds of things, but Carlson wasn’t willing to take it.
“I’m not saying they are criminals. I’m not saying the majority are criminals. I’m saying the majority are on welfare. That’s not healthy,” said Carlson.

“When you guys have nothing left to say, it’s race. If you don’t give us everything we want you are racist. I want to move to Mexico and accuse the authorities there of racism because they are not giving me free stuff. Seriously,” said Carlson. Check out the video below.