Tucker Just Wiped The Floor With Mark Cuban For Saying Something Beyond Idiotic [Video]

by Chris Reynolds 0

Tucker Cuban visa

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Shark Tank host and billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban became infamous for all the stupid slurs he made about Donald Trump in support of his favored candidate Hillary Clinton.

After Hillary was humiliated in the election, Cuban clearly did not learn his lesson, and he has continued to attempt to smear Trump and try to sabotage his presidency and harm Americans, just to prove a point. Thankfully, Tucker Carlson recently had him on his program and cut him down to size.

Carlson brought up Trump’s economic order where he’s planning on reforming the corrupt foreign worker visa program. Said Tucker to Mark, “The reality, as you know, is that 80 percent of the foreigners admitted under H1-B make less than the median income in the field in which they work. In other words, they’re being brought over, not because of their skills, but because they save labor costs. That’s a subversion of the idea.”

Cuban then defended the visa program by saying that Americans just need to work harder to compete with foreigners for American jobs. Said Cuban, “When it comes to competing for the best talent around the world, I’m a big believer in American exceptionalism. I believe we can compete. When they can’t get the job, we get smarter. If somebody doesn’t get a job from me, I tell them ‘Work harder, get smarter, you’ll get it the next time around.’  I think that’s good for everybody.”

Shot back Tucker with logic, “So we have a massive labor pool that’s educated in our system, and yet they’re being turned away in favor of people who are being educated abroad. That does not help America in any way.” Then a stunned Cuban replied, “Either you believe in capitalism, either you believe in the market economies, or you don’t. There’s no in-between.” Carlson laughed at him and said, “I love that. When did the left become addicted to market fundamentalism? There are many in-betweens.” Shouted a cornered Cuban, “Oh, no, no, no no. I’m not the left, Tucker. I’m not the left by a long shot!” How much do you love Tucker for destroying Mark Cuban? Watch below: