“I Want To Puke”, Idiot Lib Alyssa Milano Has Total Meltdown Over How Dems Just Failed

by Chris Reynolds 1

Alyssa Milano meltdown

Democrats are still desperately trying to regain their footing, even though it has been nearly a half year since Republican outsider handed them their most devastating defeat in the party’s history.

So far, they have been failing repeatedly, proving that Donald Trump’s shocking victory was no fluke and that they have become irrelevant to the majority of American voters. After the Democrats’ single most brutal failure since November 8th, has-been liberal actress Alyssa Milano had a public freakout.

Alyssa Milano doesn’t have the good sense to admit that her career peaked in the 1980’s as a child actress on sitcom Who’s the Boss? The faded starlet and sex symbol has lately been attempting to stay in the spotlight by inserting herself into the current political debate.

High-strung Milano clearly couldn’t handle it when Democrat Jon Ossoff failed to win 50% of the vote in the Georgia special election, forcing him into a runoff with Republican Karen Handel which he is predicted to lose.

Said Milano on Twitter, “I want to puke.” After presumably taking a break to puke, Milano returned to her keyboard and posted, “FYI @realDonaldTrump, Republicans didn’t win. Ossoff (88.5) got more than twice as many votes than the Republican (35.5). #Fact #FlipThe6th” Do you think Hollywood celebrity liberals have lost their minds?