Watch: MSNBC Guest Says Trump Defending Himself Proves He Wants To “Destroy The First Amendment”

by Donald 0

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In an interview with MSNBC author Brian Klaas compared Trump to dictators Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin. He also suggested that every time President Trump tries to defend himself from people insulting him, it is destroying the First Amendment.

“So you have going after intimidating, critical media, and that’s what authoritarian regimes do. Trump has not only talked about libel laws, but he’s also talked about revoking media licenses for critical reporting,” said Klass. Trump has only asked for what all Americans should want, honesty in journalism, and for journalists to pay the price if they lie.

“He’s called the press a stain on America and an enemy of the people, and people throughout history who have used that last term are Mao and Stalin. I mean it’s not hard to connect the dots here right? Anytime somebody criticizes the president, he wants to litigate or destroy the first amendment” he said.

So basically, defending yourself from criticism and calling out people who are slandering you proves he wants to “litigate or destroy the first amendment.” Where does MSNBC find these nutjobs?

“When in fact, he is responsible for upholding it. There’s no real parallel in modern American history of someone who has tried to do this in a systematic way on a near daily basis,” said Klass. Check out the video below.