Watch: MSNBC Warns President Trump That Maxine Waters Is Going To Beat The Sh*t Out Of Him

by Donald 0

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Even though Maxine Waters has dedicated her life to insulting President Trump, the media completely freaked out that Trump called her ‘low IQ.’ However MSNBC guest and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra took this much further, claiming that Trump better be careful, implying that Maxine Waters will beat up President Trump if the two of them were alone in a secluded place.

“I think Donald Trump probably said that from about 2,000 miles away from Maxine Waters because he’s probably too afraid to say it to her face,” said Bacerra, even though President Trump has insulted many of his political opponents to their face.

“Maxine Waters has been one of the greatest champions consumers have ever had, that families have ever had. I suspect that Donald Trump would be afraid to come up to her and actually say something like that to her because Maxine Waters won’t stand for that,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate he uses that kind of language about someone who’s been a public servant for so many years, someone who’s fought very hard. Just because he disagrees with her doesn’t mean he has to use derogatory language,” said Bacerra of the women who constantly calls for her followers to ‘take out’ President Trump.

“Maxine can take care of herself. I would urge Donald Trump to be careful if he ever finds himself in a dark ally with Maxine Waters,” said Bacerra. Wow.