Whoopi Goldberg Denies That Trump Has Done Anything To Help Black People, She Gets Crushed

by Donald 0

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The black unemployment rate is the lowest it had ever been. Despite that Whoopi Goldberg tried to argue on ‘The View’ that President Trump has done nothing to help black people.

“But, you know, if it’s true, the premise is somehow that Trump has somehow done so much for the African-American community, and I just don’t see it,” claimed host Sunny Hostin. “I don’t think anybody in their right mind can point to anything!” said Goldberg.

“That’s the thing. You have some conservative commentators somehow pundits saying that yes, the unemployment rate is lower now in the African-American community. Which it’s really the same under — Obama, of course,” said Hostin. This is untrue. It is lower now.

“The economy is doing well, though. We can give Trump that, but we can’t give him every other thing –” started guest host Amanda Carpenter. “No, no, no! We can’t give him that! The economy has been getting better for the last — I don’t know. 15 years?” exclaimed Goldberg.

Apparently Goldberg was asleep under a rock during the crash of 2008. “It got suddenly better after Barack Obama left the White House,” explained Carpenter. “It didn’t get suddenly better. What are you talking about?” asked Goldberg. “Sure it did. There was a “Trump bump” that happened as soon as Donald Trump came in. The stock market went crazy, and they said, some people were saying it’s so good it’s going to crash soon,” responded Carpenter.