Yale Professors Caught Violating Ethics Code To Diagnose President Trump With A Mental Disorder

by Donald 0


A group of Yale phycologists are breaking all the laws and ethics in their Profession in order to insult Donald Trump. “Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional, and [has] grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President,” said John Gartner, a former Johns Hopkins University professor who helped launched the anti-Trump group “Duty to Warn”.

However this group is violating the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater Rule” which prohibits a psychologist from “offering opinions on someone they have not personally evaluated.” The APA even wrote a warning specifically to psychologists in 2016 that psychoanalyzing “the candidates,” is “unethical”.

“Every four years, the United States goes through a protracted elections process for the highest office in the land. This year, the election seems like anything but a normal contest, that has at times devolved into outright vitriol,. The unique atmosphere of this year’s election cycle may lead some to want to psychoanalyze the candidates, but to do so would not only be unethical, it would be irresponsible,” they wrote.

Despite this Gartner started a petition to get President Trump impeached because of his supposed “menal illness”

“We, the undersigned mental health professionals, believe in our professional judgement that Donald Trump manifest a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States,” says the petition that has received over 40,000 signatures. For more read here.