“You’re _______ Because You Failed”, Randy Quaid Just Handed Meryl Streep Her Ass, You’ll Cheer

by Chris Reynolds 0


Randy Quaid, co-star of Independence Day and the National Lampoon Vacation movies, was just as outraged as the rest of us when he watched the Golden Globes and saw Meryl Streep make a complete fool out of herself in a pathetic attempt to smear our 45th President Donald Trump.

Quaid, who switched his allegiance from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump during the election wasted no time in striking back, telling Meryl, “The reason you are heartbroken is not because Hillary lost. She was always a lost cause.”

Continued Randy, “The reason you’re heartbroken is because you and many other celebrities who share your beliefs realized on November 8th that the corporate media agenda has failed you and you failed it, even as corporate tyranny inversely failed the American people by twisting perception and manipulating public opinion with lies and deception in an attempt to lure voters to the corporate’s candidate.”

He added, “The biggest shocker, however, was the realization that your collective and individual voices really don’t matter , that the majority of your audience voted against you. Your fans realize that the problems facing this country are big. They realize that it’s all about trust, and the American people don’t like being lied to by NBC and CNN, you or anybody else.”

Later he added, “It’s time Meryl, that you stopped parroting all of that corporate blather about Trump, and spoke the truth. The American electoral system has spoken louder than anything you could possibly say in your best voice and microphone. Defending the lies of corporate stiffs does not become you; no matter how eloquently you articulate them, the truth will always show you up with the American people.” Do you agree with Randy about Meryl?