Zakaria Tries To Insult Trump, Accidentally Admits That Kim Jong Un Hates US Because He Watches CNN

by Donald 0

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CNN seems to have one job nowadays, make liberal Americans angry about President Trump. All they do is show one side of the story and insult him day in and day out. CNN’s Zakaria insulted President Trump’s ‘bluff’ against North Korea. He went on to brag that Kim Jong Un probably watches CNN and therefore knows that Trump’s words are not to be trusted.

“What you have in Donald Trump is something absolutely extraordinary. You have the president of the United States essentially threatening a preemptive or a preventive nuclear war in Asia, not in response to a North Korean strike, but in response to North Korea’s rhetoric, the fact that they’re disrespecting the United States. I mean, it is staggering,” said Zakaria.

“In this case, what we have is the art of the bluff. This is what Trump does all the time. He’s got amazing stuff on Obama he’s going to reveal. Nothing. He’s going to move the embassy to Jerusalem, nothing. He’s going to recognize Taiwan, nothing,” ranted Zakaria.

“And my fear is the North Koreans have watched Donald Trump. I think at some level; I sometimes wonder whether Trump thinks that the North Koreans don’t get CNN, so they don’t know what’s going on,” said Zakaria.

“But they know. They watch this guy make empty threats for much of his life and for a lot of his presidency. It’s very worrying,” said Zakaria. Maybe that’s a sign they shouldn’t spend all hours trying to make this President and this country look bad! Check out the video below.